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14 December
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25. Psychology scholar. Nerd. Transplanted Bostonian. Graduate student. Daughter. Sister. Crazy cat lady. In a relationship. Red Sox fanatic. Writer. Aspiring school counselor. Karaoke nut. Amateur cake decorator. Easily amused. Chocolate addict. A spender and a saver at the same time. Slightly sarcastic, but mostly witty. Queen of useless information. Quotes TV, movies, and comedians incessantly. Loves that's what she said jokes. Hopeless romantic. Feminist. Kid at heart. Perfectionist.
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Please ask before adding. Friending policy is 18+ unless we know each other from somewhere outside of LJ. This is a personal journal so I do post things that are in fact personal. I'm a shipper (but I refuse to participate in shipping wars), so see the link below for a list of my ships. I update about once or twice a week, and I comment (or try to) every day.
♥ television
Currently Airing: NCIS. Saturday Night Live. Law and Order: SVU. Mad Men. Parenthood. Parks and Recreation. Suits. White Collar. Community. Happy Endings. New Girl. Doctor Who. The Newsroom. House of Cards. Game of Thrones. Orange is the New Black. The Mindy Project.

Off the Air:The Office. How I Met Your Mother. Gilmore Girls. Firefly. Arrested Development. That '70s Show. Sports Night. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. FRIENDS. Scrubs. Angel: The Series. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cheers. Pushing Daisies. 30 Rock. Raising Hope. Chuck.
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Masters of Sex

*Updated 07.20.14; always changing*
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See THIS ENTRY for an exhaustive list of ships and favorite characters
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Tumblr. last.fm. twitter. Gilmore Girls fic. Office fic. NaNoWriMo. Graphics at madefromdreams
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