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Dear Yuletide Writer,

I always start my letters the same way. I'm stoked you exist. I'm excited to see what you'll create. And thank you for being wonderful. This is my third Yuletide, and I’m going to break my letter up the same way I always do because, well, I like it and it seems to work okay. I have my “perfect world” section with my favorite (specific) ideas, in case you’re one who likes specific prompts, but I also have other random, general ideas to brainstorm with or use as jumping off points. Or to use if you hate detailed prompts. Please, rest assured, I will love anything someone puts an honest effort into. Don't stress about making me happy. So, here goes:

In general, I like: Witty humor, subtlety, “little moments”, happy endings, strong friendships that lead to romance. I’m not opposed to holiday themed stories, but they are not a must if they don't seem to fit with your agenda. I actually adore non-linear storytelling if it’s done correctly. I really like nerdy references, or references to small things in canon that only a fan would get. I like to put the puzzle together. If you want to go the smut route, I’m cool with that, but it's not necessary by any stretch. I can do some light angst, as long as it’s a happy ending. I am a sucker for introspection, as well as careful attention to characterization.

In general, things I would like to avoid: Violence, character death, animal abuse/illness/death, gore, rape or non-con. I have an embarrassment squick, so if you could avoid that, I’d really appreciate it. I also really detest “One partner assumes the other has cheated but actually hasn’t and this is all a ploy to create drama” fic, if you know what I mean by that. I would prefer that the characters and setting remain as close to canon as possible. Basically, a good rule of thumb would be if it could realistically happen in canon, I’m okay with it. But I’d prefer that it mesh with the way things feel in canon, including characterizations, pairings, etc.

1) Cheers (TV) - Sam Malone, Diane Chambers

I finished watching Cheers over the summer and I am fascinated by the dynamic between these two characters. Is it love? Is it a strong friendship? Is it a love-hate thing? I feel differently each time I re-watch it. But, no matter how these two interact, I love them together. I would love a fic where the interactions between them are genuine and real. A little snark, a lot of love, that sort of thing.

In a perfect world… : I'd love something post-series. I don't care if Sam and Diane are romantically involved; I'll let you write that based on your perception of the two of them. I also don't care how post-series it is. I just... there's something about the series finale that left me unsatisfied. So, a post-series meeting between the two of them. I'd love to see it portrayed as something that will happen again, or maybe they've met up every now and then for years.

Other random (optional!) suggestions: I'm also good with cold-open type scenes. The cold opens are excellent in this show. I also love the idea of Sam's baseball career. Maybe an AU where Diane and Sam meet while Sam's still a player? How would his alcoholism affect their relationship or friendship? That's a little heavier than I usually like, but it would be interesting to see how it happens.

Things I like about this fandom, in general: I love the Boston references. I love the way the patrons at the bar interact with each other. I love the "little known facts". I love how the show never fails to make me laugh. I love the ensemble cast. Feel free to include more than just Sam and Diane if you feel the need, just be sure that those two crazy kids are the focus of the fic.

2) Boston Teens (SNL Sketch) – Pat “Sully” Sullivan and Denise “Zazu” McDonough

This has been on my list for all three years of my Yuletide experience, and I would die happy if this were written. I’d love a Sully/Denise fic that takes place through the time period in which the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 2004. I've included research/reference links below. Any Sully and Denise being Sully and Denise is awesome, though, you're not obligated to use THAT PROMPT AND ONLY THAT PROMPT.

In a perfect world…: In an ideal world, I’d love a Sully/Denise fic that takes place through the time period in which the Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 2004. Sully and Denise’s last two appearances on SNL were in early 2004, before the World Series was even a thought, and in 2011, when they made no mention of it! Anyway, I’d just love to see that playoff period in October. So if you have no idea about anything related to this canon, or to the Boston Red Sox in 2004, this one needs some background. Links ahoy!

[Lots of links are here]
Wiki on Sully & Denise:
Wiki about the 2004 ALDS:
Wiki about the 2004 ALCS:
Wiki about the 2004 World Series:

The entire "canon" for them, if you will, is below. If not, I have listed the episode on Netflix instant and where to find it in the specific episode.

-11/13/1999: First Appearance
-10/05/2002 (just click the "close this message" button and it will be there)
-12/17/2011: Last Appearance

There are two sketches that I couldn’t find linkable video for: 11/10/2001: Season 27, episode 25 (On Netflix instant, 6:50 in to the episode), and 3/13/2004: Season 29, Episode 15 (On Netflix instant, first sketch in the episode).

Other random (optional!) suggestions: Any Sully and Denise being Sully and Denise is awesome. I would love any sort of fic involving them, so I’m not really picky! Maybe even a fic of them going to a game and getting into some hi-jinks in trying to meet a player. Or if Sully went streaking or something. Whatever floats your boat.

Things I like about this fandom: I like that the writing references very specific Boston places. I also like that Sully and Denise are absolutely insane. I love that random Boston celebrities (and other celebrities) squeezed their way into sketches. I love that it's over the top and crazy.

3) Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago

I had only watched one episode when I wrote this, and I love their dynamic already. These two are fascinating. I'll let you decide if they're partners in romance or partners in work, but just the way they interact is completely and utterly awesome to me.

In a perfect world…: I would love to see them outside of the police work. What would happen if they started dating? How would that affect the rest of the unit? What would happen if they were friends who got in a big argument and the rest of the precinct was forced to choose sides? There could be shenanigans.

Other random (optional!) suggestions: Basically just anything about the two of them.

Things I like about this fandom: I love that it's so light hearted. I love the ensemble cast. Feel free to include any other characters you'd like so long as Amy and Jake are the focus.

4) Sleepwalk With Me (2012) - Matt Pandamiglio, Abby

I loved this so much. Mike Birbiglia is just fantastic. The way he tells this story is so great. Since it is essentially based on his life, I really like that slice of life feel to the film. I really want it to be 100% honest and awkward and funny if this is what you write. I would also suggest listening to the album by Mike Birbiglia so you can get some background information.

In a perfect world...: I need to see Matt and Abby post-breakup. Do they still get along? What would happen if they met up randomly one day? It's obvious that they care about each other in a way that is somewhat platonic, but there's this piece of them that will always remain with the other. What if they went on a double date with their new significant others? I see these two being friends after it's all said and done.

Other random (optional!) suggestions: I could also really enjoy fics that touch on things Matt/Mike says in the show. If you want, you could write about how they had to hide from their parents that they were living together. What about random snapshots of the good times in their relationship? What about their first date (church!)?

Things I like about this fandom: I like that it's just so honest and true. I like that it's so sweet and adorable and aaah. Mike Birbiglia is great, and this is 100% him. So, yeah.

If you ever want to stalk me, you are totally free to do that. My tumblr name is the same as my AO3 name (jessbakescakes), and my twitter is as well. I have a gigantic public list of fandoms and ships on my LJ that I'm constantly updating. You can have someone proxy email me if you want, too, that's fine! I want this to be an easy Yuletide for you. I don't want you to stress!

I hope your Yuletide is awesome and that you get a fic that warms your heart as much as this will mine!

Jessica / JessBakesCakes
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