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I'm selectively adding at this time. If you'd like to be friends, you can check out this entry to see if we have anything in common, and then COMMENT HERE before adding me, please. I will not add you back unless you ask first. Thank you!

"And, no offense, but everybody here is terrible at love."


The purpose of this meme is to send love to others. That's literally it. You don't have to be a gal! The rules:

1) Comment below with your username and leave love for others.
2) Spread the word using the text box below.
3) Don't be a Jerry and screw this up for everyone or so help me...


"How did we get the short straw?" "It's not a short straw. It's a hot potato."

I know not everyone's a fan of love memes on my f-list, and that's okay. Here's your disclaimer: YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO DO THIS. I WILL NOT THINK ANY LESS OF YOU FOR NOT FILLING IT OUT, EITHER FOR ME OR FOR YOURSELF. I LOVE YOU ANYWAY AND DO NOT NEED A MEME TO SAY IT. However, I definitely need it today!


Also, I'm taking a cue from tralfamadore and trying something fun today. I'm turning anon on, and screening comments, and answering any questions you want! Doesn't matter if they're serious or funny or wicked personal, or whatever, I'll write an entry on them. I haven't done this in awhile, and I figure since I have a ton of new friends, it's a great way to catch up. Since these journal entries will be locked, I will legitimately talk about anything you want. I always hesitate on tumblr because you never know who can read it, but I trust you guys and if you want to ask, ask!

I'm gonna go find me some food in this apartment.
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"We're not at that stage in our friendship yet. Please don't cry in front of me."



"When the leaves change. It's just, I... I think it is the most contemplative of seasons."

It's that time of year again -- we're so close to holiday fandom gift exchanges, yet so far away! In the meantime, we have this!


1) You may request up to five gifts, in any fandom. They do not have to be autumn related or holiday related, but they can be!
2) You may request any type of gift (fanfiction, icons, headers, wallpapers, fanmixes, etc).
3) If you are requesting a header or a wallpaper, please give the dimensions, and any pictures you want used (pictures are optional).
4) If you are gifting a fic/piece of art, and it's NSFW, put it under a spoiler cut. The spoiler cut can get funky sometimes, so if it doesn't work (PREVIEW YOUR COMMENT BEFORE YOU POST), just put "NSFW" at the top of the fic/art.
5) Don't be a jerkwaffle. If someone fills a prompt for you, THANK THEM. If someone gives you something and it wasn't exactly what you wanted, BE POLITE ANYWAY. This is for fun, don't Britta it/Ted up/be a Jerry.
6) Look for prompts to fill! Toward the end of the gift exchange, I will try to round up people who have not had gifts and see what we can do, but TRY to fill for others. No one's going to force you to gift something, but this is the type of thing where it only works if participants are as willing to give as they are to receive.
7) PIMP IT. The code is below.
8) Have fun! :D



"Don't you like television? I thought all children despise effort and enjoy cartoons."

This is my official, public, "fandomy things I like" post. If you want to take a peek at it before you friend me, by all means, do so!

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For Fanfic Purposes
I am willing to write general fics/drabbles in any of the following fandoms, for any character:
How I Met Your Mother. NCIS. Mad Men. Parks and Recreation. Suits. Community. The Newsroom. Doctor Who. Raising Hope. New Girl. Downton Abbey. The Mindy Project. Gilmore Girls. Firefly. Arrested Development. That '70s Show. Sports Night. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. FRIENDS. Scrubs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Angel: The Series. Chuck. Freaks and Geeks. Pushing Daisies. 30 Rock. Cheers. The Office.

I am willing to write fics/drabbles for the following ships/fandoms:
How I Met Your Mother (Lily/Marshall, Barney/Robin, Ted/Mother). NCIS (Tony/Ziva, McGee/Abby, Gibbs/Jenny, Gibbs/Shannon). Mad Men (Joan/Roger). Parks and Recreation (Ben/Leslie, Andy/April). Suits (Harvey/Donna). Community (Jeff/Britta, Annie/Abed). The Newsroom (Jim/Maggie, Will/Mack). Doctor Who (Amy/Rory). New Girl (Nick/Jess, Schmidt/Cece). Downton Abbey (Sybil/Tom, Mary/Matthew). The Mindy Project (Danny/Mindy). Gilmore Girls (Luke/Lorelai, Rory/Jess, Sookie/Jackson, Emily/Richard). Firefly (Mal/Inara, Simon/Kaylee). Sports Night (Dan/Rebecca, Casey/Dana). Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (Jordan/Danny, Matt/Harriet). FRIENDS (Ross/Rachel, Monica/Chandler, Phoebe/Mike). Scrubs (JD/Elliot). Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy/Spike, Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz, Xander/Anya). Angel: The Series (Fred/Wesley, Fred/Gunn). Chuck (Chuck/Sarah, Ellie/Awesome). Freaks and Geeks (Lindsay/Nick). Pushing Daisies (Ned/Chuck). 30 Rock (Liz/Criss). Cheers (Sam/Diane). The Office (Jim/Pam, Michael/Holly).

Feel free to ask any and all fandom related questions!

"Pawnee: First in Friendship, Fourth in Obesity."



”You jeopardized your entire career, and for what?” “For you.”

Title: Of What Could Be
Written for: fromiftowhen
Fandom: NCIS
Pairing: Tony/Ziva
Prompt: "Anyone that's making anything new only breaks something else."
Spoilers: Mild spoilers for 9x08 "Engaged Part 1", general spoilers from S6-S9.
Summary: Tony thinks about his complicated relationship with Ziva.
Notes: These two make me feel all the feelings at all the right times. Hope you like the fic!

Read it HERE.